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Company Profile

Caspian Young  EMEA is  a  successful independent entity abroad with offices in the United Arab Emirates and Affiliate in Europe and  North Africa. Thanks to strategic alliances with a huge network of international companies, it can offer its clients legal and business advices abroad too. Our success’ key is the in-depth knowledge of business culture in the countries we operate that consents us to serve our clients advising them with a full and comprehensive business and legal consultancy in a broad spectrum of legal areas. Matching excellence with expertise in local and international laws, with a deep understanding of our clients needs, we are able to bridge cultural barriers between our Italian clients and abroad

360° Consultancy

Caspian Young is granted through its In House Counsel not only Mandateship but also Power of Attorney from one of the major Russian oil producers to represent them in the oil/ petroleum products   transactions.

We can help  worldwide companies to create legal entities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Europe and  North Africa for their Business Operations, identifying and offering the best possible solutions for their needs.Sponsoring their organizations or alternatively identifying  potential sponsors or commercial partners.Thanks to our legal department we can assist and support our client in  Italian and English language during the  set up.

Caspian Young due to multi-years experience in the IT market  working with the best company in the IT sector can help and assist the clients in the area of system integration and  infrastructure migration .


The secret to any great company is its team. Caspian Young  team has depth and breadth, with experts in every position inside the vertical division . That’s why the people at Caspian Young are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds: Lawyers, Business Advisers, IT Consultant, Architect and Engineer through an international business community.
Each Caspian Young  Division  operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors.

Companies Divisions include : 

IT Consulting  - Oil & Gas Consulting -  Business Consultancy - Trading Division.

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