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Company Profile

Caspian Young   is a company with Affiliate in Europe, United Arab Emirates and  in North Africa. The company has been on the market by years and opeate  in Middle East and on the Far East Market.The Organization's tenacity, and focus on making " Service " its priority,  has lead to the expansion of CASPIAN YOUNG in the Oil and Gas field and in the IT market too.We are part of an international network specialized in the three different business unit : Oil & gas, IT Consulting and  import/export of exclusive products of food & beverage with a large product portfolio. The sales cycle, that is the basis of our business, is based on continuous research of best service to propose to our clients for quality/price.Another important division of Caspian Young is specialize to rapresent our European Business Partner in the Middle East Area and permt they to expand their  business in the Middle East Area.The reputation and success of the Company depends largely on compliance with both legal requirements and the highest ethical standards that are a statement of our commitment to principles of business practice.
The secret to any great company is its team. CASPIAN YOUNG  team has depth and breadth, with experts in every position. That’s why the people at Caspian Young are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds: Lawyers, Business advisers, Certified IT Consultant   through an international business community.

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