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Petroleum Products Consultancy Company

Caspian Young is granted through its In House Counsel not only Mandateship but also Power of Attorney from one of the major Russian oil producers to represent them in the oil/ petroleum products   transactions.

With its consistent growth, today CASPIAN YOUNG  cater to the oil and gas customers with a vast and varied product range from crude oil to all petroleum derivates on the domestic and on the international market.The required supply comes to us through direct communication with our mandates. We have infact a number of account managers  dedicated to each customer so that each request is timely processed. CASPIAN YOUNG  provides its customers with superior customized  services and solutions, based on the fundamentsals of Profitability, Growth, Integrity and Professionalism. Seller – Buyer relationships are essential to us. That’s why the company works diligently to find the right solution for every customer, big or small.

Consultancy Services

Given the long experience of Caspian Young in this sector, we propose to our buyers a specific Consultancy Agreement   in order to guarantee  the smooth running of buying operations minimizing the risks and therefore saving any economic losses that could be caused by the inexperience of the buyer in the oil market and/or  inexperience of the buyer that approch for the first time the market buying directly from the title holder of the product ..

The privileged relationship between Caspian Young and the Refineries itself must also be taken into consideration; this relationship allows Caspian Young to intervene promptly and often in a resolutive manner in any problems that may arise during the transaction.

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