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International Trading

European Products Division


Caspian Young is a broker and sales representative for some of the most important products made in Europe.

We are part of an international network specialized in the import/export of food & beverage products and  sanitary products with a large product portfolio. The sales cycle, that is the basis of our business, is based on continuous research of best offer for quality/price to promote in the market.

Caspian Young moves the goods between the most important bonded warehouse based in Europe and in the UAE. All the goods are delivery directly to the warehouse of the clients and all the payment are regulated with the guarantee of the escrow account of the bonded warehouse.


Commodities Division

Caspian Young designed to client’s exclusive requirements within any major vertical market, we can design, manage and service clients supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively . We can support our customer in all the necessary requirement to trade different kind of good all around the world using the Dubai hub logistics platform.

From warehousing and distribution services to purchase and quality management, we can get the right supply chain in place so our customers' businesses can move fast.

These warehouses are available to clients for general storage (short and long-term), inventory management, container stuffing/de-stuffing, redistribution and offer complete security and are serve every purpose commercial warehousing both for long and short term storage.

We design and manage supply chains from planning and procurement through to arrival and delivery of products at their final destination. Our high quality solutions are tailor-made to meet the exact needs of our customers whether it is a business looking to diversify, expand or improve its logistics set-up.
Our hands-on services and strategic solutions are extensive and customized to meet our customers' every need, whether it's a competitive rate for an urgent shipment or a strategic partner who can identify and create short-term efficiencies and build up long-term competitiveness.

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