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I.T. Consultancy

Due to the nature of the business, IT consultants do not always have intimate knowledge of their client’s industry. In these cases, they often work closely alongside management consultants who do specialize in that industry. The IT consultation is responsible for the technological implementation while the management consultant is responsible for tailoring it to your business’ needs. 

Consultancy services offered by Caspian Young IT division include setting up of new infrastructure for our clients based on their requirements and keeping in mind their growth. We also update existing infrastructure by incorporating new Technological Advancements in IT into the client’s infrastructure.Advanced Dircetions through its Consultation Services can pleasantly assist you in designing your own technical solutions. We can even supervise you in designing technical solutions for other parties. Advanced Dircetions believes that its team is highly qualified and its skills are so competent that they can produce well-structured requests which can address and handle all the requirements in a professional way.

Today’s digital landscape offers an unprecedented opportunity to envision and build innovative experiences bespoke to stay ahead of evolving customer demands. Caspian Young IT  division Cloud Practice transforms business processes with the overarching suite of services based on Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud . Cloud being the cornerstone that drives digital transformation, Caspian Young  as your reliable cloud partner will help in a smooth navigation through your cloud journey.

Caspian Young IT Enterprise Architecture experts can help you make the transition from outdated and ineffective IT delivery systems and architectures to a cloud-based infrastructure that streamlines delivery and allows for implementation of new technologies into your software strategy.

Our philosophy of exploring better possibilities allows us to help today’s largest global enterprises become inherently digital by leveraging cloud to acquire fresh insights, unlock new opportunities, and build new models for creating better and richer customer experiences.

Caspian Young IT  IT consulting business unit  provides a thorough, in-depth review of your IT environment that aligns with industry best practices and ensures your business needs are met.


Caspian Young with its subsidiary Caspian Strategies & IT Management -  Microsoft Partner and Google Cloud Partner is able to provide expert advise together with the complete suite of Microsoft Solutions for  Cloud  and can provide the complete suite of products for the Digital Transformation in a Cloud Technology.

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